OCTANORM Service Partner International, or OSPI for short, unites a global team of experts: Your local OSPI works hand in hand with a network of more than 120 partners in 43 countries and supports you from planning to completion. OSPI - a network you can rely on across all national borders.

Advantages of the Network

Your exhibition booth
worldwide octanormed.

High Quality

The same high quality standards. Everywhere. Make no concessions when it comes to your national or international exhibitions and rely on the tried and tested OCTANORM system - made of durable aluminum with sophisticated features for individual stand designs and innovative ideas.


Fewer miles. Smaller carbon footprint. Realize your projects sustainably from now on: With the OSPI network, up to 65% of the CO2 emissions of a project can be saved. How does it work? Thanks to partners with a global presence, transport and flight routes can be avoided, as material and construction personnel are already at the destination.

Worldwide Network

Over 120 partners. In 43 countries. The OSPI network is represented almost everywhere in the world and offers a pool of materials and personnel that can be accessed worldwide - without long transport routes or flights. And since the members know each other and speak the same language, communication around the world is simplified.

Expert Knowledge

Different countries. Individual laws and guidelines. So why not work with a local partner who knows all about it? Regardless of whether it is a question of stand design or providing materials, clarification of the safety and customs regulations on site: We always have the right expert.

Exhibition Construction Process

Our project flow is
standardized worldwide

stand assembly
stand assembly

With OSPI, CO2 emissions are reduced by over 65%. With OSPI, CO2 emissions are reduced by over 65%.

Durch OSPI werden die CO2-Emissionen über 65% gesenkt

DurchH OSPI are reduced by over 65%. With OSPI, CO2 emissions are reduced by over 65%. With OSPI, CO2 emissions are reduced by over 65%.


Thanks to the worldwide distribution of the material and personnel, the transport routes and the resulting CO2 emissions can be massively reduced. However, the concept of sustainability is not only reflected here, but also in the OCTANORM stand construction system: It consists of recyclable aluminum and can be used for decades.

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Messebau anfragen

About 75% of the aluminium produced so far are still in use

The recycling process of aluminium is quick and efficient, and can be repeated endlessly without a loss in quality. This allows for the biggest part of the worldwide demand to be met by secondary aluminium.

The advantage: Secondary aluminium needs 95 % less energy than primary production.

Environment-friendly with a system

System exhibition construction: sustainable, less planning and reduced costs compared to a conventional exhibition construction. Instead of being torn down and disposed after one exhibition, a system exhibition stand made from aluminium, is deconstructed at the end of an exhibition and can, thanks to its light weight and modular structure, be rebuilt quickly and easily at any time.

This makes the system exhibition stand the smarter choice for exhibition builders and exhibitors alike - both from an ecological and economical viewpoint.